PERMISSION SLIP-FIELD TRIP FORM

Dear Parent/Guardian:

Important educational opportunities, which enhance our curriculum, are offered to your son or daughter through field trips to various points of interest. Because the Board of Education and the State of Connecticut require parental permission to transport students on field trips and to administer medical care should emergencies arise, you will be requested to give formal permission for your child to accompany his/her class on these occasions.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this procedure or the particular trip itself; please feel free to contact the school.


Andre Hauser, Principal

My son/daughter, ____________________________has my permission to accompany his/her___________
________________class on a field trip to ____________________________________________________
in ___________________________________________________________________________________
Teacher in charge ______________________Date of Trip ______________________________________
Departure from CRHS _________________________Return to CRHS_____________________________
Means of transportation __________________________________________________________________
Permission for my son/daughter to transport CRHS students _____________________________________
Permission for my son/daughter to be transported by CRHS students ______________________________
Phone number where I can be reached in case of emergency _____________________________________
Back-up person and phone number if I am not available ________________________________________
Pertinent Emergency Medical Information ___________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________
I hear by give my consent for _________________________________________ to participate in the above
described field trip and to receive medical treatment if necessary__________________________________.
Signature of Parent/Guardian ______________________________________________________________

Please return this signed form to ________________________________ by ________________________